The biggest names in tech hire Flatiron School grads – again and again

Hundreds of companies – spanning media, government, e-commerce, software, and more – have hired over 1,000 Flatiron School graduates since we opened our doors in 2012. Here are just of few of the top companies that keep returning to Flatiron School for new technical talent.

Hired 5 Alumni

Hired 5 Alumni

Hired 8 Alumni

Hired 3 Alumni

Hired 3 Alumni

Hired 3 Alumni

Hired 3 Alumni

Hired 4 Alumni

Hired 2 Alumni

Hired 5 Alumni

Hired 13 Alumni

Hired 5 Alumni

... and so many more – across industries and around the world.

What do employers say about Flatiron grads?

What makes our grads successful?

We admit diverse classes of students – artists, analysts, athletes, layers, writers, and more – but there are certain qualities that all Flatiron School alumni share.  

Real World Ready

Flatiron students learn to code using the same development tools and workflows software engineers utilize on the job. They’re ready to contribute from day one.

Lifelong Learners

Flatiron students never grow obsolete because they’ve learned how to learn, able to pick up new programming languages throughout their careers.

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No significant piece of software is built by one person. Students learn how to collaborate through pair-programming and group projects. They’re ready to join organizations as true team members.


Our students possess both creativity and analytical ability – a rare combination that helps our alumni think beyond technical boundaries to build products that connect with users on a profound level.

Meet our alumni

Hear more from our inspiring alumni who have transformed their careers and are making an impact in tech.