Invest in Your Team and Future-Proof Your Workforce with Enterprise Training

Partner with Flatiron School — the technical training partner trusted by the world's top brands — for your enterprise training needs. Build a learning experience that recruits, reshapes, and relaunches your modern-day workforce.

What We Teach

Given the ever-changing technology landscape, the skills needed to succeed in the corporate workforce are rarely static. That’s why Flatiron School’s enterprise curriculum is dynamic and tailored to match the unique needs of teams at companies and universities. With Flatiron School's campuses across the U.S. and the flexibility of our online programs, we can teach any employee, anywhere. If your company is looking to increase the impact of existing employees or prepare employees for a brand new role, we can help.

Software Engineering

Increase your team's velocity with programming skills. We can help your team grow it's engineering team, or just interact better with the digital era.

Data Science

Explore and interact with data better, from entry-level analytics all the way to advanced machine learning.

UX/UI Design

Infuse design and design thinking into all corners of your organization. Grow your dedicated design team or ensure employees across all functions know how to approach problems creatively.


Effective security requires alignment across the entire workforce. From threat detection and response to day-to-day compliance, we help teams stay secure 


Cloud computing has evolved as the new, efficient way to deliver computing services – including servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more. Train your team in skills required to perform containerized server deployment on Amazon AWS and other cloud providers. 

Flatiron School provides talent solutions to companies across the world:

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Solving the Skills Gap with Enterprise Training

“Companies Must Get Creative – Fast – To Cultivate Tech Talent. The stakes for accelerating the tech talent pipeline are high. A recent Korn Ferry study found that unless we get more high-tech workers, by 2030, the U.S. could miss out on over $160 billion of annual revenues.” - Larry English, Forbes

percentage of organizations that face a skills gap

Enterprise Talent Solutions

Work With Our Enterprise Team To Build The Right Program For Your Company

Flatiron School provides customized solutions to upskill your staff. We train for tech roles in software engineering, data science, product design, DevOps and cybersecurity engineering. 

The Enterprise Team at Flatiron School will work with you to create a tailored training solution for you in: 


Increase Team Agility & Efficiency

An employee group must rapidly master a new technical tool or domain.

We design custom curriculum for short-form upskilling courses to dramatically improve team productivity.


Create Internal Mobility Pathways

You have teams with  obsolete skills, and can’t hire fast enough for technical roles.

We partner with you to retrain non-technical employees for new roles as technical resources.


Keep Your Team Up-to-date

Cloud computing is always evolving into new, efficient ways to deliver computing services. 

We train your teams in skills required to perform containerized server deployment on Amazon AWS and other cloud providers.

Talent Acquisition

Build External Talent Pipelines

Augment your Talent Acquisition team and tap into overlooked talent pools.

We recruit for & design custom cohorts, or share graduates’ resumes from Flatiron School’s consumer courses.


Ramp New Hires More Quickly

As your team grows, new hires need consistent training to be successful.

We create bespoke onboarding experiences to increase productivity of new team members.


Unlock Access for Diverse Talent

Your commitments to DEI extend beyond your four walls (virtual walls included).

We enable partners to invest in the tech community by funding scholarships for underrepresented groups.

Case Studies

See how others are solving the skills gap.

A leading global investment bank noticed that their new data science team members were experiencing slower ramp times. Flatiron School worked closely with the department's leadership to craft a curriculum to accelerate new hire ramp times and address the varying levels of experience of incoming hires. The participants met for a three-week Onboarding program located at a corporate training center, where an expert Flatiron School Data Science instructor taught the training program and oversaw hands-on project work. This Onboarding program covered an array of subjects, including Python, data analysis, and deep learning, which allowed new hires to understand the breadth and depth associated with Data Science.

By the end of the three-week Onboarding program, new hires were equipped with a baseline understanding of the tools and skills required for their new positions. For the firm’s HR and Data Science teams, Flatiron School helped standardize new Data Science employee hiring processes and increased the speed of new Data Science employees being deployed onto projects.

Upskilling Case Study

A leading global consulting firm recognized that there was a breakdown in communication and collaboration between their in-house Data Scientists, their consultants, and their clients. Flatiron School collaborated with this consulting firm to create a data analytics training program, specifically oriented for management consultants. This program was an immersive one-week experience, led by an expert Flatiron School instructor, which combined Flatiron School’s Data Science curriculum with industry-specific use cases. 

Program participants developed a deeper understanding of how to clean, process, and visualize large data sets. Participants also established best practices for querying data in relational databases using SQL, as well as utilizing supervised learning on real-world datasets. Lastly, the participants learned fundamental concepts in Python and machine learning around training, validating, and tuning models for classification and regression. This one-week program enabled the consultants to significantly increase their productivity and equipped them with the ability to translate complicated data science models into consumable insights for clients.

Retraining Case Study

Hiring for specialized technical roles can often be challenging, even for some of the most prestigious companies in the world. This global asset management firm was experiencing multi-year struggles to hire for technical roles. In response, this firm created an innovative program allowing for the internal mobility of non-technical high-performers to transition into technical roles. Flatiron School partnered with this firm to create a training program for non-technical employees to become software engineers. Flatiron School interviewed and selected employees to enroll in its immersive Software Engineering program. Employees participated in both Flatiron School’s on-campus and online programs, which allowed employees all over the world to take part in the opportunity.

Upon conclusion of the program, all graduates were placed into full-time software engineering roles within the company. This program was beneficial for both the Engineering teams and the HR department, who were able to redeploy high-performing employees into internal roles that drive business growth. Upon joining their new teams, these employees were able to leverage their institutional knowledge, cultural alignment, and new skill-set to make an immediate impact.

Scholarship Case Study

As an extension of their Community Boost InitiativeFacebook partnered with Flatiron School to award 20 full-tuition scholarships for Flatiron School’s Houston Software Engineering program. Facebook and Flatiron School collaborated to support the local Houston economy, workforce, and tech community, by offering these scholarships to applicants from under-served Houston communities. Facebook’s $250,000 grant enabled Flatiron School to create pathways into tech careers and increase diversity within the Houston tech ecosystem.

Flatiron School collaborated with Facebook to provide additional support for these students, to ensure that they achieved successful graduation and job placement outcomes. Facebook was able to leverage this initiative to further its support for workforce development and economic mobility.