Flexible Corporate Training

Our flexible, targeted programs help elevate corporate tech teams across the globe with essential training in software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, and product design.

What We Offer


It can be challenging to find tech talent that has the exact skills your business needs. Let us help you recruit qualified candidates to participate in a training course designed to address your specific languages, databases, or frameworks. We’ll deliver the course in a way that works for you – in-person or online and on your desired schedule – and upon completion your candidates will be fully equipped for their new role.

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Hiring new talent for hard-to-fill technical positions can be a struggle. Our Enterprise team partners with your HR Managers and technology leads to create a targeted technical retraining program for existing employees to move into new, specialized roles. This offering not only efficiently fills open roles but helps engage and retain current talent. 

See how we helped a prestigious asset management firm retrain non-technical employees to become software engineers.


New hires often have varying levels of experience, which can mean slow and uneven ramp times. Our Enterprise team will create a training program that targets your tech stack and infuses your company culture. New hires will gain a consistent baseline of knowledge, intended to get them excited about their new home and prepared to contribute more quickly.

See how we helped an investment bank decrease their data science team’s onboarding ramp times.


We’ll match talent from our diverse, global pool of 10,000+ graduates – trained as software engineers, cybersecurity engineers, data scientists, and product designers – to your unique tech needs. 

Whether you want to hire one of our grads or need help with high-volume recruiting, we can help fill your technology roles with trained and motivated talent.

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How We Do It

  1. Our Enterprise team partners with your tech leads and HR managers to create a program specifically targeted for your needs. 
  2. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed by industry experts to ensure we teach the most modern, relevant skills.  
  3. The most satisfying — and effective — learning experiences start with community. That’s why we build peer activities and instructor support into all of our Enterprise programs.


I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Flatiron School in the past when creating a program that helped accelerate women’s careers in tech. It was incredibly rewarding to see the success of the program for both the fellows and mentors alike. From that experience I knew that Flatiron School would provide a quality top-notch education to our future fellows and support both them and us to the full extent making sure the program would be successful.

– Liz Hall, Chief People Officer at Splash

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