HBCUs Can’t Do It Alone – Companies Like You Can Help

Posted by Flatiron School  /  February 2, 2022

For nearly 200 years, HBCUs have served as havens for Black Americans pursuing higher education. The lack of diversity in the technology industry is well-documented. reported that less than five percent of employees at major technology companies are Black, even while nearly nine percent of computer science graduates are Black. 

With the growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, how can companies address the diversity gap in their own workforces? And where do they look for this untapped tech talent? Companies must expand their search to Black graduates from more unexpected places. 

Many prominent companies such as Amtrak, Boeing, American Airlines are beginning to diversify their workforce by recruiting from Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). For nearly 200 years, HBCUs have served as havens for Black Americans pursuing higher education. But what we know today is that HBCUs are an untapped resource for math, science and technology candidates.  

According to UNCF, the nation’s 106 HBCUs make up just 3% of America’s colleges and universities, yet they produce almost 20% of all African American graduates and 25% of African American graduates in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — the critical industries of the future.

Employers looking to change the game and address this diversity gap have options. They can partner with HBCUs to access graduates. Or look at how diverse organizations such as OneTen are stepping up to partner with educational hubs like Flatiron School by providing access scholarships for Black individuals.

HBCU contributions

It’s not enough to simply want to hire more diverse candidates, there has to be work and action behind it. Through partnerships, programs, and scholarships, your company can support HBCU students and universities can affect change. 

If your company is looking to hire the next generation of tech talent, consider partnering with Flatiron School for hire-to-train opportunities or to access recent Flatiron School grads. Contact our Enterprise Team to see what we can build together to fill your tech and diversity gaps.