Software Engineering Brochure

Read more about our Software Engineering program and how it teaches learners to be skilled in programmatic thinking and problem solving.

The Software Engineering Program is a comprehensive training journey that equips learners with the skills needed to construct full-stack web applications, utilizing both back-end and front-end programming languages along with their associated frameworks. This program is built to foster programmatic thinking and effective problem-solving, providing a strong foundation that empowers graduates to continuously learn and adapt as they navigate evolving technologies throughout their careers. 

The curriculum prepares individuals for roles such as Software Engineer, Web Developer, QA Analyst, Full Stack Developer, Front-End Developer, and Back-End Developer. The program covers a wide range of critical areas including Front-End Development (React, Angular), Back-End Development (Flash, Django, Spring, Node/Express), Database Design (Relational, NoSQL), Application Testing, and DevOps and Cloud practices. 

The Software Engineering program’s structure entails a 20% emphasis on instruction through live and recorded lectures, discussions, presentations, code reviews, and stand-ups, while the remaining 80% centers around hands-on application through labs, projects, and collaborative pairing.