Cybersecurity Engineering Brochure

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Engineering program and how it provides a strong foundation in cybersecurity engineering.

The Cybersecurity Engineering Program offered by Flatiron School is a comprehensive training initiative that spans 525 hours of instruction and practical application. The program is structured with a balanced approach, dedicating 40% of the curriculum to instructional components such as live and recorded lectures, discussions, presentations, and stand-ups, while the remaining 60% focuses on hands-on application through labs, projects, and collaborative pairings. 

The program’s flexibility accommodates learners’ preferences, offering options for full-time or part-time engagement, instructor-led or asynchronous learning, and a choice between remote, in-person, or hybrid delivery methods. The core curriculum consists of eight foundational courses, and equips participants with the skills needed for various cybersecurity roles including Network Engineer, Penetration Tester, System Administrator, and Cybersecurity Engineer.