Moringa School selects Flatiron School curriculum to close the skills gap in Africa

Moringa School, a multi-disciplinary learning-accelerator in Africa, signs on for curriculum agreement.

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Flatiron School is pleased to announce a curriculum agreement with Moringa School, a multi-disciplinary learning-accelerator in Africa. Moringa School has licensed the Flatiron School curriculum to support their goal of closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by delivering transformative tech-based learning to high-potential jobseekers.

Moringa School is licensing Flatiron School’s career-focused curriculum and learning platform, beginning with a software engineering program that includes JavaScript, React, SQL, Ruby on Rails, JSON, and Redux Frameworks.

“We found a like-minded partner in Moringa, who was prioritizing quality, experience, and outcomes for students,” said Rebekah Rombom, Chief Business Officer at Flatiron School.  “I know that together, we’re poised to make a big impact on career opportunities and the tech ecosystem for learners in Africa — and that we’re just getting started, with lots more to come.”

Moringa has licensed the Flatiron School curriculum and learning platform, and will deliver the material independently. This agreement is allowing Moringa to re-think its campus-based teaching model to continue to grow the tech sector across Africa. 

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of February 17, 2022. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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