Data Science Brochure

Discover how our Data Science program teaches learners how to gather data from various sources, apply statistical analyses, and make information as actionable as possible.

The Data Science Program empowers learners with the skills to adeptly navigate the world of data analysis and interpretation. Through our designed curriculum, participants learn to extract data from diverse sources, apply statistical analyses and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to derive meaningful insights, and translate data-driven findings into actionable strategies. 

The program, totaling 525 hours, is structured with a balanced approach, dedicating 20% of the learning experience to instruction delivered through live and recorded lectures, discussions, presentations, code reviews, and stand-ups, while the remaining 80% is dedicated to hands-on application through labs, projects, and collaborative pairing.

This program opens up a range of career paths including Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer.