AI Demystified: The Art of Image Generation

Join Flatiron School for another installment in our AI Demystified Series, The Art of Image Creation with Generative AI, to discover how generative AI algorithms can revolutionize your creative process, enabling you to produce stunning visuals with ease and efficiency. Led by Flatiron School’s Joshua Robinson, Director of Product Design, this 10-minute session will unveil the power of generative AI and its profound impact on visual content creation.

Whether you’re an artist seeking to unlock new avenues of creativity or a marketer looking to captivate audiences with visually stunning campaigns, this webinar is tailored to equip you with the necessary skills to thrive in the AI-powered era.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of generative AI and harness its remarkable capabilities. Watch now and see how AI will change the way you approach image creation.

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