It is Flatiron’s intention to be able to offer the student alternative financing that will defer the obligation to pay tuition until such time as the student has a source of income after participating in our program (regardless of job type or industry and whether working as an employee, independent contractor or otherwise).  Such alternative financing is expected to be in accordance with the terms set out in the below expected financing plan, which is subject to change.

Expected Financing Plan: 

We anticipate that students will make an upfront payment of £1,000 and that for the balance of the tuition there will be available a deferred payment plan pursuant to which, after participating in our program and a brief grace period, students will pay 10% of their gross income toward their tuition obligation. 

This financing option is not yet in effect.  Additional details will be forthcoming.

If the student (a) participates in the Money-Back Guarantee Qualifying Program, as defined in the Career Services Commitment found at (the “Career Services Commitment”), (b)  the student complies fully with the terms of the Career Services Commitment, including the job search requirements specified therein, and (c) the student subsequently does not receive a Qualifying Job Offer (as defined in the Career Services Commitment) within 180 days of his or her job-seeking start date, any outstanding sums due to be payable by the student will be waived and any tuition payments already made will be refunded.

If, pursuant to the terms of the Enrollment Agreement, the student withdraws from Flatiron School and is entitled to a refund of any Tuition Fees pursuant to the terms of the Enrollment Agreement, then any outstanding tuition shall be reduced so as to only require repayment of any Tuition Fees still owing pursuant to the terms of the Enrollment Agreement.