What's OHUB@Flatiron?

What is OHUB@Flatiron?

Flatiron School and Opportunity Hub have joined forces to create OHUB@Flatiron, a comprehensive initiative to expand access to tech for students from under-tapped communities. As part of the OHUB@Flatiron partnership, we’ll host an exclusive event tour with leading tech influencers, provide learning pathways through free courses and workshops, and introduce the Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship – a $1M+ scholarship fund for students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.  

Together, let’s diversify and strengthen the heart of tech.

The Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship

OHUB@Flatiron exists to expand opportunity in tech. That’s why the Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship is at the center of this partnership, providing over $1 million in total scholarships to students of color from socially disadvantaged communities.  

Launching in late August 2018, the Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship will provide full- and partial-tuition scholarships to Flatiron School’s industry-leading software engineering and data science courses in NYC, London, DC, Houston, Atlanta, and online.  

Coding Courses
  • All Locations
    Beginner to Intermediate
    15 weeks
    Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp

    Our flagship program. Since 2012, we’ve been teaching students full stack JavaScript and Ruby and helping them launch careers as web developers at companies including Spotify, The New York Times, NASA, and hundreds more.


OHUB@Flatiron Tech to Wealth Tour

Across 6 cities this fall, OHUB@Flatiron’s Tech to Wealth Tour will feature a networking cocktail hour, interactive panel with local tech innovators and influencers, and exclusive after-party with five-time Grammy-nominated record producer and DJ Young Guru. You won’t want to miss this.

Friday, August 24
Atlanta, GA
Friday, September 14
Houston, TX
Friday, September 21
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September 28
San Francisco, CA
Friday, October 3
Seattle, WA

Start coding today for free

The best way to learn if coding is for you and prepare for a coding bootcamp is to simply get started. Our free online coding and data science bootcamp prep courses immerses you in programming from day one and is the most effective way to get into today’s top coding bootcamps (including ours!).

  • 75 hours
    Bootcamp Prep

    The most effective way to get the programming skills you need to get into the most selective coding bootcamps – Flatiron School, included.

  • 75 hours
    Data Science Bootcamp Prep

    This free course will teach you all the basics of data science, including SQL, Python, machine learning, and regression analysis. After finishing our course, you’ll have a working knowledge of all the basic skills of a data scientist, and will be prepared to enter Flatiron School’s career-changing, full-time Data Science Bootcamp.


Upcoming Events at Flatiron School

Learn. Love. Code.

We’re always proud and humbled to partner with companies like OHUB who share a vision that aligns with ours: to enable the pursuit of a better life through education. We’ll always remain committed to not only bringing coding and data science education to Atlanta, but making that education accessible and valuable for anyone with the passion and determination to learn.

– The folks at Flatiron School