OneTen Tech Scholarship

The OneTen Tech Scholarship was created in partnership with the OneTen Organization to provide opportunities for Black Americans to start fulfilling and family-sustaining careers in tech.

Flatiron School is proud to be designated as a talent developer for OneTen, an organization that works to upskill, hire, and promote one million Black Americans, over 10 years, into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. 

Our OneTen Tech Scholarship was created to provide more opportunities for Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree to get into tech careers. 

At Flatiron School, we believe that anyone who is willing to work hard has the potential to change their life with fulfilling tech careers. This scholarship was created to make that dream a little more accessible for more deserving individuals. 

Details & Eligibility


There are ten $5,000 scholarships that will be awarded to Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree.  Scholarships are limited and are available to 10 students across all disciplines and course paces. 


  • Must identify as Black

  • Must not have a 4-year degree

  • Must successfully complete the application process

  • Must be selected by the scholarship committee

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