Community-Powered Bootcamp: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade from Community-Powered Bootcamp to your Online Software Engineering Bootcamp?

Yes, Community-Powered Bootcamp students can upgrade at any point to our Online Software Engineering Bootcamp; the tuition you’ve already paid will be applied toward the total cost of the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp. To learn more, contact

What’s the difference between Community-Powered Bootcamp and your other programs?

While our programs utilize the same learning platform and proven curriculum, they offer different levels of instructor and career support. Community-Powered Bootcamp additionally doesn’t include a money-back guarantee (see eligibility terms) or financing options.

How will I know if learning online will work for me?

Read our 5 Ways to Know if Learning to Code Online is Right For You.

But the best way to know if learning online will work for you is to try it out. You can begin our free Bootcamp Prep course to get a sense of the platform firsthand.

How is your curriculum organized?

Our Community-Powered Bootcamp is designed to be driven at your own pace, whether that be 5 hours per week or 80.

To accomplish this flexibility, our curriculum is made up of stackable building blocks called Lessons, each of which teaches a bite-sized skill in 5-30 minutes. Lessons consist of lectures, readings, videos, quizzes, and interactive coding challenges called Labs, where you put theory into practice.

Lessons come together to form Subtopics, wherein you build 5-10 small apps and solve dozens of Labs.

Finally, Subtopics combine to form major Topics, throughout which you will be taught how to architect larger applications.

How does community work online?

To ensure that our thousands of passionate online students never learn in isolation, we are constantly building Community features within our platform:

  • Ask a Question:

    Confused? Our Ask a Question button is always just a click away. Crowdsource real-time support from the entire student community.

  • Learn Chat:

    Access every student on in our chat lobby. Get advice; work through problems together; make friends with fellow students (we see many online alums stay connected after graduating).

  • Study Groups:

    Seamlessly form dynamic, in-platform study groups with other students to take on tough concepts together.

  • Nearby friends:

    You’ll see which other students are “nearby” to you in two ways: in the curriculum (so you can learn together) and geographically (many of our online students form in-person study groups and attend local meetups together).

  • Peer code pairing:

    Want to work closer with a fellow student? You can collaborate on code in real-time.

  • Group Projects:

    Online students can optionally build their final Portfolio Projects in groups just like our in-person students.