Kickstart your coding journey

Tackle programming fundamentals and prepare for today’s most selective coding bootcamps with Accelerated Bootcamp Prep – a faster, more structured, but still free counterpart to our popular Bootcamp Prep course, featuring 15+ hours of live lectures and workshops over the two week online course.

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Free (for now)

For a limited time, this full two-week prep course is 100% free – no credit card required.

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Stay accountable

Hit your goals with a structured study plan, featuring daily reminders, assignments, and check-ins.

Guaranteed interview

Accelerated Bootcamp Prep students are well-prepared to ace Flatiron admissions – and also get a guaranteed interview for our Career Courses.

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Attend from anywhere

Access this rigorous course from anywhere with an internet connection. Join course lectures online or live from our NYC campus.


Learn to think like a software engineer

Accelerated Bootcamp Prep students embark on the same curriculum honed in our popular online Bootcamp Prep course in a faster, more structured format, featuring live lectures to hammer home tough concepts and broaden understanding.

Week 1: HTML & CSS, Intro to JavaScript


  • HTML Basics
  • Styling with CSS
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Selectors

Intro to JavaScript

  • JS and the Web
  • Intro to the DOM
  • Selecting Single Elements
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Conditional Statements
  • Node
  • Functions & Scope
  • Variables

Week 2: JavaScript Fundamentals & Projects

Data Structures

  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Objects
  • Looping


  • Traversing Nested Objects
  • Creating and Inserting Nodes
  • JavaScript Callbacks


  • Modifying HTML with jQuery
  • Document Ready
Experienced Engineers. Passionate Educators.

Experienced Engineers. Passionate Educators.

We take teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect to topics on a profound level. Experience as a developer alone doesn’t necessarily make one an effective teacher — that’s why we’re maniacal about finding not only great engineers, but deeply committed, experienced teachers.

Our team of on-demand Technical Coaches is standing by, ready to help you break through tough concepts when you get stuck.

Lecture Schedule

Get motivated. Stay accountable.

Accelerated Bootcamp Prep blends self-paced and structured approaches to learning. On their own schedule, students must complete a certain number of lessons – at least five hours per week – to keep up with the program. On weekends, students come together for live lectures and workshops – 15+ hours across the course, available online or out of our NYC campus.

Sample schedule

  • Sunday, 12-2pm EST: Orientation w/ Avi Flombaum
  • Saturday, 12-2pm EST: Lecture 1 w/ Sophie DeBenedetto
  • Sunday, 12-2pm EST: Lecture 2 w/ Sophie DeBenedetto
  • Saturday, 12-2pm EST: Lecture 3 w/ Sophie DeBenedetto
  • Sunday, 12-2pm EST: Lecture 4 w/ Sophie DeBenedetto

Learn to build like a bootcamp student

Accelerated Bootcamp Prep students learn by doing, coming away from the course with a coding project portfolio that will impress coding bootcamp admissions teams and prepare you for the exact technologies and concepts covered in Flatiron School’s technical admissions process.

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Konami Code

Playing off an old gaming cheat code, students learn how to trigger an alert via certain keystrokes.

Built with: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5

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Deli Counter

Students use arrays and strings to greet, track, and serve customers at Katz’ Deli.

Built with: JavaScript, Mocha

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Rock Dodger

Students build a full dynamic game from scratch, programming a ship controlled by your arrow keys and animating falling rocks to avoid or else… *boom*.

Built with: Event Listeners, HTML5 DOM Updates, First-Class Functions

“The best way to learn to code? Start building something today. There’s only so much you can get out of reading and watching videos about these concepts without actually doing some coding yourself. Beyond that, your greatest asset will be loving what you’re learning. Learning to program is hard, but if you’re driven to work at it every day, to put what you’re learning into practice every chance you get, you’ll find the skills becoming second nature.”

Avi Flombaum

Avi Flombaum

Co-Founder & Dean
Learn.co Features

Bringing the bootcamp online

Learn.co, the proprietary learning platform that powers the Flatiron online experience, is the world’s most sophisticated product for learning code. Students on Learn.co interact with a worldwide community of students and instructors and harness real developer tools to truly learn by doing.

Ready to unlock your future in tech?

Ready to unlock your future in tech?

Apply now to secure your spot in Accelerated Bootcamp Prep’s January cohort and kickstart your coding career.


You have questions; we have answers

  • How does the guaranteed interview at Flatiron School work?

    Students who complete Accelerated Bootcamp Prep and submit an application to our Career Courses (i.e. our in-person Software Engineering Immersive and Online Web Developer Program) will be fast-tracked through our admissions process with a guaranteed interview with our admissions team.

  • What do I need to do in order to start Accelerated Bootcamp Prep?

    Before starting Accelerated Bootcamp Prep, students need to 1) create an account on Flatiron School’s online platform, Learn.co, and connect it to GitHub, 2) RSVP for the orientation lecture, and 3) sign up for slack and join the student Slack channel.

  • What's the difference between Accelerated Bootcamp Prep and Bootcamp Prep?

    While both programs deliver a rigorous programming education aimed at preparing you for a top coding bootcamp, Flatiron School’s original Bootcamp Prep course can be completed on your own schedule, as quickly or slowly as you like. Accelerated Bootcamp Prep happens over a fast-paced two weeks with a more structured schedule and coursework milestones to reach each week. Accelerated Bootcamp Prep also differs in that it includes mandatory weekend live lectures and workshops and guarantees you an interview at Flatiron School upon completion.

  • Is Accelerated Bootcamp Prep online or in-person?

    Accelerated Bootcamp Prep includes live lectures (conducted on Saturdays and Sundays) as well as independent homework to be completed during the week. The coursework will be made available to you on Flatiron School’s Learn.co online platform. You will be able to attend the webinars either online (links will be provided) or in NYC at our 11 Broadway campus. (Note: if you would like to attend in NYC at our campus, we will ask you to RSVP in advance.)

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