Flatiron School Announces its Return to Campuses and New Course Formats

Live and Flex offerings to meet scheduling needs of the modern student.

NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 - Flatiron School, a global institution that trains students in 21st-century skills like software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design, today announced its plan for students to have the option to return to in-person campus experiences and unveiled two new course formats, Live and Flex, that offer Flatiron School’s rigorous curriculum in an accessible and flexible model to meet the needs of today’s modern students.

“For far too long the education experience has been too rigid with schools offering limited paths and flexibility for students. They had to be either fully online or present on campus to learn, with zero blending of styles,” said Adam Enbar, CEO and Co-founder of Flatiron School. “With Live and Flex, students now have the option to choose whatever method of learning works best for them without sacrificing quality, flexibility or accessibility. Both the Live and Flex options provide an online learning experience with optional in-person activities and events (in select locations), and with Flex, students are self-paced with the ability to quicken or lessen the speed of learning. This is an entirely new way of learning that was unavailable until now.”

Live & Flex 

The Live option allows students to learn new skills in a full-time, 12-15-week immersive program that is structured with live or on-demand online lectures and learning in community with other students.  This option is ideal for students with the availability to commit to a rigorous, fast-tracked schedule. It also provides the opportunity for students to join in-person experiences - once campuses fully reopen - take online classes, or select from a combination of both. 

The Flex option allows students to learn at their own pace at a curriculum that spans 20, 40, or 60 weeks, and students are able to adjust this pace at any point to fit their specific scheduling needs. Flex students work independently and will have one instructor throughout the duration of their course. They also have the option to attend on-demand online lectures, when available, making it a suitable choice for students managing current employment or family responsibilities. Additionally, Flex students will have the opportunity to use campuses and join in-person experiences, provided they are within commuting distance of a Flatiron School campus. 

Live & Flex both include a dedicated instructor, lectures, curriculum, assessments, academic support, student community,  and career coaching. Both options will be available for students in all states that offer Flatiron School programs online and in-person in the fields of Software Engineering, Data Science, and Cybersecurity Analytics.

Return to In-Person Experiences on Campuses

Flatiron School will begin to reopen in select markets across the United States on July 19, although plans are subject to change. To start, campuses will offer limited programming and opportunities for students.

Flatiron School values community, connection, and local learning so as COVID-19 restrictions ease and more Americans become vaccinated, the availability of optional in-person experiences at Flatiron School’s campuses will increase. This meets pent-up student demand for in-person collaboration and learning in a community setting, which students have been without since the start of the pandemic. 

Eventually, campus life will include a return of guest speakers, group study sessions, networking and workshop events, office hours, review sessions with instructors, and the rewards and advantages of learning in a peer community.

For students seeking to use campus spaces, Flatiron School will require proof of current COVID-19 vaccinations and compliance with campus safety policies. Flatiron School staff supporting these campuses are required to be fully vaccinated as well. Campuses are undergoing modifications to allow for greater social distancing with enhanced cleaning procedures. Additionally, everyone on campus must follow CDC and local guidelines, in addition to Flatiron School policies.

In an effort to meet the needs of teachers and students who feel more comfortable learning and educating from home, students are not required to be present on-campus at any time.

About Flatiron School

Flatiron School is an education innovator, teaching students in-demand tech skills like software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design. When it comes to landing a job, Flatiron School graduates have a proven track record of success thanks to experienced instructors, and dedicated career coaches. Flatiron School's mission is to enable the pursuit of a better life through education.

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