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All of us at Flatiron School are happy and excited about your success. We wish you all the best in the future, and encourage you to stay in touch through our Linkedin group, Slack channels, and elsewhere. 

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Career Karma

Career Karma is the first of three popular bootcamp review sites. It's an invaluable source of truth for people just like you who are considering launching a tech career.

In your review, feel free to mention what you liked about our curriculum, instructors, style, and overall vibe of the program.

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Course Report

Course Report, like Career Karma, is one of the three flagship bootcamp review sites that proovides potential students with the insights and ratings to make a bootcamp decision that's best for them.

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Switchup is the third — but not least — coding bootcamp review site. Like with Career Karma and Course Report, Switchup's reviews are a critical part of the decision-making process for potential bootcamp students.

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Google reviews are front and center on Google search results pages — making this arguably the most important review you can leave.

They also operate a little bit differently than the review sites above. Still feel free to chat about your experience with Flatiron — instructors, results, the day-to-day, etc. — except please leave your review for the location you attended.

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