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View and compare our online and in-person programming courses — from free introductory programs to immersive courses designed to power your career change.

On-campus courses

Software Engineering

Launch your career as a full-stack web developer with our proven curriculum, passionate instructors, and driven student community.

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Data Science

Our full-time data science program that gives you the breadth and depth needed to become a well-rounded data scientist.

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Cybersecurity Analytics

Our Cybersecurity Analytics curriculum will prepare you to handle threats and become a professional cybersecurity analyst.

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Cybersecurity Engineering

Fast-track to the skills you need for a new cybersecurity career with our 15-week program. This course is designed for those with a technical background.

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Online courses

Online Software Engineering

Our online coding bootcamp gives you the skills and experience to become a versatile software engineer.

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Online Data Science

Our data science program, entirely online. This course provides the breadth and depth needed to become a well-rounded data scientist.

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Online Cybersecurity Analytics

Our online cybersecurity program — with flexible pacing — is designed to help you develop the skills you need to start a cybersecurity career.

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Online Bootcamp Prep courses

Our prep coureses are designed to prepare you to ace admissions and hit the ground running at today’s top bootcamps.

Bootcamp Prep

The most effective way to get the skills you need to get into the most selective coding bootcamps — Flatiron School included.

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Data Science Bootcamp Prep

This free 75-hour course will teach you all the basics of data science, including SQL, Python, machine learning, and regression analysis.

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Hacking 101: Intro to Cybersecurity

Learners who want to dig into the basics of cybersecurity, including how virtualization works, can get started with our free prep course.

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Basic introductory courses

These courses are the best way to learn programming fundamentals and get acquainted with code and design.

  • Online
  • 30 Hours

Intro to Ruby

Start coding with the language designed to make programmers happy. You’ll create an object-oriented Tic-Tac-Toe game while learning principles you’ll rely on throughout your coding journey.

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  • Online
  • 50 Hours

Intro to JavaScript

Harness the power of the modern web with the most popular language on the Internet. You’ll build a dynamic Konami code game while mastering the latest JavaScript syntax and techniques.

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