The Flatiron School Income Share Agreement (ISA) aligns tuition payments with post-program income. You’ll make a $2,000 initial payment upon enrolling at Flatiron School and agree to pay 10% of your monthly gross income once you complete the program and are earning at least $3,333.34/month (equivalent to $40,000/year). Following a six-month grace period, you’ll make a maximum of up to 48 monthly payments over a maximum payment window of up to 96 months (8 years)—but only when you’re earning at least the minimum income. If you’re not earning at least the minimum income, you’re not paying.

15-Week Program

Our modular program is the most robust you’ll find, giving students the added breadth and depth needed to become well-rounded, modern software engineers.


Flatiron School classes are carefully crafted to bring the best out of students. Cohorts are designed to foster connections, help you to break into the tech community and build a strong network.

Passionate Staff

Our dedicated instructors have experience in the field and the classroom and are committed to helping our students change their careers and lives. Once you graduate, our seasoned career services staff will work with you to help you find a job you’ll love.

Learn to code, get a job, then pay tuition.

 At Flatiron School we invest in your success. That’s because your success is our success. After a refundable deposit, you don’t pay us tuition until you land a job as a developer. Change your career with confidence.