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Things are changing. Don’t wait a second longer to change too.

You may be hesitant. Much like the world right now, change is uncertain, ambiguous and a little scary. But look around. We’ve all never been more experienced with change. Knowing that things won’t go back to exactly the way they were, why should you?

Tech jobs like software development can often be done remotely, explains an Indeed economist, showing how certain industries are faring better than others in terms of job security.

According to the New York Times, in October 2020, both large and small tech companies kept adding to their payrolls right through the outbreak.

Frontend Developer, Full Stack Engineer, and Solutions Architect all ranked in the top-ten most in-demand remote jobs in September 2020, according to LinkedIn.

For four years in a row, data scientist has been named the number one job in the U.S. by Glassdoor. Hospitals are using in-depth statistics to do predictive modeling of disease outcomes and to identify opportunities to intervene early and head off trouble, explains US News and World Report.

The Information Systems Security Association found a 63% increase in cyberattacks related to the pandemic, calling Covid a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hackers and online scammers.”

Time is on the side of change, why wait?

Things are changing. These grads didn’t wait a second longer to change too.

Mike D.

After being laid off, Mike began his learning journey in January 2020 and in March transitioned to remote instruction (when the pandemic hit).

Read about how Mike landed his job as a Solutions Engineer in July 2020.

Jessica G., Amanda M., & Bryn B.

Jessica, Amanda and Bryn studied online with Flatiron School, later landing web development jobs after graduation. Amanda most recently landed a role in June 2020 as an apprentice at Amazon Web Services.

Listen to how they changed their journeys.

Zac W. & Kayla O.

Zac and Kayla learned to code online and now work as software engineers in the Austin, Texas area.

Watch how they transitioned from learning online to working in code.

We’re not returning to normal. We’re building a new one.

Work will no longer be exactly the same as it one was. The #1 skill people wanted to learn this year was how to effectively work from home according to LinkedIn.

When you learn with us in any of our courses, you’ll use the tools and practices that are widely used across companies and tech roles today. From Slack and Github to standups, to Zoom to pair-programming, you’ll graduate already familiar with how work is done today. Regardless of where or what you’re learning, Flatiron School’s suite of innovative tools makes your progress our priority.