Live Accelerated Courses

Live accelerated courses are our answer to campus closures due to coronavirus. You’ll learn just like you would on-campus, with a full-time schedule and a support system of classmates and instructors ready to help you succeed.

Live learning from home. Log into your next career move.

We’ve taken the most important parts of our campus experience – accountability and community – and brought them online. In a live accelerated course, you’ll learn new skills and change your career.


Learn remotely, but never alone. Stay accountable to your learning with your classmates and instructors by being online 9am–6pm Monday through Friday, joining live lectures and social activities, and participating in collaborative lab working hours.

Instructor support

In our Live Accelerated courses, you’ll have access to instructors, coaches, and a community on hand ready to help with your projects and assignments. Learn in live lectures with a high level of support.

Career services

We know the job market isn’t what it used to be, but we’re still graduating students and helping them get jobs at the thousands of companies that are still hiring. In a more digitally connected world, software engineers, data scientists, and cybersecurity experts continue to be in-demand.

Learn more about Live Accelerated courses

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Live Accelerated Fact Sheet

Learn about how our live accelerated courses are different from our online courses.

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What course is right for you?

Answer a few questions and we’ll tell you if you’re a fit for live accelerated courses or online courses.

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What does remote learning look like?

Dive into a day in the life of a live accelerated student and see how we’ve created a community-first virtual experience.

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How it works: 4 steps

Step 1 → Apply

Submit an application, selecting the location closest to where you are. Tell us about yourself and why you would like to start a new career.

Step 2 → Interview

A member of our Admissions team will follow up. We’ll dive deeper into your interests, ambitions and goals for the future.

Step 3 → Technical Interview

Our Live Accelerated courses require a technical interview to make sure you are up-to-speed with basic language and terminology. We offer free resources to help you prepare.

Step 4 → Decision

Receive your admissions decision from our team and enroll in an upcoming cohort. You'll also get instant access to our learning platform and Slack community so you can start connecting with your classmates.

Frequently asked questions

You can also view our main FAQ page.

What happened to campus courses?

Due to temporary campus closures because of coronavirus we have transitioned our campus courses to a live accelerated format. Live Accelerated courses are the closest thing we have to campus with a strong community, instructor support, and the most immersive schedule.

How do you build community virtually?

We share a class Slack channel with you even before you start classes, and encourage you to participate in the questions and activities to get to know your classmates ahead of time and to get to know one another. In addition to scheduled face-to-face interactions in group projects, we have found that the most successful students use Slack to reach out to fellow students throughout the day. Many also schedule Zoom time with fellow students to mimic that face-to-face time they’d have in person. We also host panel discussions, social hours, and project showcases – all online.

How is this different than online courses?

Our Live Accelerated courses are our campus courses brought online to support social distancing. They feature a full-time immersive schedule where you are expected to be in school from 9am–6pm Monday through Friday learning and engaging with your cohort. Our online courses are more flexible and largely asynchronous, even with full-time learning. You can choose when you learn during the day depending on your lifestyle. In addition, our live accelerated courses are our fastest way to your career change. The immersive learning schedule and tight-knit cohort keeps you more accountable to your learning journey.

What is the schedule for Live Accelerated courses?

You’ll be expected to be online from 9am–6pm each day and most days will start and end with a mandatory Zoom stand-up and stand-down to review the day’s materials. Throughout the day you’ll have live lectures just like you would on a campus. In between lectures, you’ll have lab time alone or with a small group of students and be able to Slack your classmates and instructors throughout the day for support.