Intro to IoT Security

Learn what you need to know about IoT security and how having 'Internet of Things' devices in your house can affect you and those around you. In this free hands-on introduction, you'll uncover common IoT vulnerabilities and how to secure your devices from attacks.

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What you'll learn: IoT security

An IoT device is any device that can take in information and connects to other devices on a network. This could be anything from smart fridges and thermostats to iPhones. In our introductory tutorial, you'll learn how IoT devices interact and how they can become vulnerable to attack.


Learn how wardriving — a technique used by bad actors — can expose IoT security vulnerabilities through your wireless WiFi network.

MAC Addresses

A MAC address is a system-level unique identification number used to communicate on a local network. Learn how it affects your IoT security and how to protect yourself from attack.

How to Secure Your IoT Devices

Boost your IoT network security using tools like Nmap, which lets you scan your home WiFi for vulnerabilities.


IoT devices are prime targets for botnets because they are easy to infect. Learn how botnets are used in Distributed Denial of Services attacks to crash networks and target vulnerabilities.

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Frequently asked questions about IoT Security and Flatiron School

What is IoT Security?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things." An IoT device is any device that can take in information and connect to other devices on a network to exchange this information. WiFi-enabled security cameras, thermostats, smart speakers, and computers all make up a network.

And while having everything connected to the internet can be convenient and easy, these devices are vulnerable to malware and other malicious attacks, just like any other internet-connected network.

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, new vulnerabilities arise and are exploited by hackers. Naturally, as they do, cybersecurity analystscybersecurity engineers, and the rest of the cybersecurity industry is growing in tandem to secure IoT devices and networks.

What does IoT mean?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things.

Why is IoT security important?

Having IoT devices in your house or business can make life easier, but having them also presents another point of vulnerability through which someone with malicious intent can attack. IoT devices can be very vulnerable if not handled properly — which is why it is so important to secure them.

What data security concerns do IoT devices pose?

If you have an insecure IoT device in your home or business, an attacker can use this as an access point to your network. From here an attacker can gain valuable information about your network, your family, your organization, or yourself.

What is IoT technology?

An IoT device is any device that can take in information and connect to other devices on a network to exchange this information. IoT devices can be helpful in a sense of convenience. They can allow you to control locks, doors, fans, cars, or even the temperature of your house.

What are some major concerns regarding IoT devices?

A weak IoT device may create a vulnerable spot on your network for an attacker to target. If the attacker compromises this device, they can use it to attack other machines on your network, or even the network itself. A network (including your home wireless network) is only as secure as its weakest point.

Who should learn IoT security?

Everyone should have an understanding of the types of threats IoT devices can pose if not properly secured. Everyone should know how to secure IoT devices and prevent attacks against their organization or home network.

What courses and workshops does Flatiron School offer?

Flatiron School teaches students the skills they need to become a software engineer, data scientist, cybersecurity engineer or analyst, or product designer.

If you're looking to start a new career, those are the courses for you.

We also offer free introductory experiences for beginners in coding, data science, and cybersecurity.

Free tutorials:


Data Science


Is Introduction to IoT Security really free?

Yes, Introduction to IoT Security is entirely free, just like the rest of our tutorials.

If you're interested in learning about IoT device security and IoT network security online for free, this tutorial is a great place to start your education.