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Our free lessons will give you an intro to the creative career field of designing user-friendly digital products. Try a free lesson to start your journey into product design. 


Product Design

Product Design is focused on the development and ongoing maintenance of products to be sold to customers. The program at Flatiron School is focused on digital product design which takes the product design discipline and applies it to the creation of products that exist in digital spaces, such as websites, mobile applications, and computer programs.

If you’re interested in this exciting and creative career field of product design, try one of our free lessons. 

Try a free lesson.

Our free lessons are an efficient way to learn about this creative and rewarding field of product design. Try a free lesson to see if you want to apply to our product design bootcamp.

Think like a designer

Learn about the fundamentals of design thinking by exploring real-world scenarios and a common product design process used by UX/UI designers.

Perfect for: Beginners with no tech experience

Topics covered: Fundamentals of product design, product design research, empathy for user experience, how to create solutions that solve for user needs, purpose of prototyping, how to find and test user feedback

Learn HTML & CSS for free.

Product Designers aren’t required to know how to code. But learning HTML & CSS can help you better communicate with developers. It may even streamline your workflow process if you can markup your own revision requests.

Perfect for: Beginners with little tech experience

Topics covered: HTML Syntax, Boilerplate HTML, Common HTML Elements, Styling HTML Using CSS Selectors, Creating and Linking Stylesheets, Styling Text with CSS, CSS Box Models, Block, Inline, and Inline-Block Elements

Career Prep Lite

Thinking about a career in tech, but not sure how to get there? No matter your background, Flatiron School career coaches can help craft your personal brand and get you interview ready.

This lesson is a sneak peak into the career coaching you could receive as a student at Flatiron School.

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Find out more about how you can take the first steps towards transforming your career. Download the product design syllabus here.

Frequently asked questions about product design

Product Design is the process of integrating form, function and usability to digital products. From apps to websites and software programs, product designers combine user experience research with intuitive design fundamentals to create digital products that are easy and fun to use.

Product designers combined user experience research with intuitive design fundamentals to design digital products that are fun and easy to use. Product Designers will follow a design thinking process that includes user research, customer journeys, user flows, wireframing and prototyping, and testing to ensure a quality product. This free course will teach you UX/UI fundamentals, including how to think like a designer.

Flatiron School has a free intro to product design course that you can take in order to learn how to think like a designer. In this free course you will learn research and empathy, problem solving and ideation, prototyping, and testing.

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Yes, product design is a good career for anyone who has a keen sense of design and aesthetics. According to LinkedIn, entry-level product designers can make around $73,000 in June 2021.