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What is an API? And how do APIs work? Learn all about Application Programming Interfaces with our hands-on workshop that explores API calculations & data transformation.

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Our API integration lessons are the best way to get acquainted with APIs and how they work — brush up on your skills, or explore if coding is the right career path for you.


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Our API integration lessons are an efficient way to get real hands-on experience with the basics you’ll need to get into our immersive software engineering course.

What you’ll learn:

APIs can do more than give us data. They can also execute calculations and entirely transform data, like turning text into audio files or identifying the subject matter of images.

Learn how to use APIs to integrate someone else’s data or functionality into your own data or applications, and how APIs are written using different programming languages.


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Frequently asked questions about APIs

A call is when we send a request to an API. For example, The New York Times has an API containing data about its articles. We could write code that executes an API call to the New York Times API, requesting all the articles about a specific subject, or by a certain author, or from a certain time.

An API key is like a password — it unlocks access to whatever the API contains. APIs will often provide you a key that you can then use as part of your API calls. Many APIs are free, but ask you to use a key as a way to limit the number of requests any individual user can make.

The APIs we most often use are typically ‘served’ in the same way that websites are served when we visit them. A computer somewhere on the internet is running a server, responding to requests. When we send a request (an API call), that computer does some work for us (i.e. look up some data, do a calculation, etc…) and sends us back a response. Every API is different, so you often need to figure out how to properly make requests.

Modern applications are often written with built-in tests. These tests can be written to consistently check if the application is functioning as it should. A professionally developed API will typically have tests that can be run to make sure it is responding correctly to requests, handling specific situations appropriately, maintaining good security, among many other things.

Anyone can benefit from learning about APIs and API integration, but fluency with API intricacies is most important for anyone interested in web development and programming.

Yes, Learn API integration is free, just like the rest of our workshops and tutorials.

If you want to learn about API development and API integration, this is the perfect place to start.