• Is Data Science Bootcamp Prep really free?

    Yes. Our Data Science Bootcamp Prep course does not require any credit card information and does not have a time limit. You’ll begin learning how to code in Python alongside thousands of fellow students and have full access to 75+ hours of Machine Learning lessons, interview prep, and more.

  • Do I need to finish all of Data Science Bootcamp Prep in order to apply to Flatiron School?

    Not at all. While making progress in our free courses is the best way to strengthen your application to our full-time Immersive Data Science Bootcamp course, finishing the full Data Science Bootcamp Prep course is not required to apply. You’ll be encouraged to start your application to either our full-time Immersive Bootcamp course or our part-time Intro to Data Science course.

    This free course is meant to help you gauge whether you want to pursue a career in data science, and whether you can successfully learn our our teaching techniques and technology. Our admissions team primarily wants to see consistency in how you’re preparing. (Note: It’s important to understand that your initial application and interview is a way to for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us, and includes no technical questions.)