Flatiron School x WeWork

In WeWork, we’ve found a partner who shares the mission we’ve had since the beginning: to enable passionate people to learn the skills they need to pursue careers and lives they love. Joining the WeWork team helps us make your learning experience better.

Launch your career online — and in a WeWork

A hot desk is your on-demand workspace. When you enroll in Flatiron School’s Online Software Engineering or Online Data Science course, you’ll receive a one-year WeWork hot desk membership included in your tuition. With access to your local WeWork, you can work wherever you want — and enjoy all the complimentary amenities — and join a dynamic, bustling community of people who are changing things.

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Dedicated workspace to plug in and focus

With a WeWork hot desk membership you’ve got the perfect opportunity to learn in a space that inspires productivity and focus. Simply head to your local WeWork and choose any open seat in your location’s co-working areas to begin your workday. While choosing to study online gives you ultimate flexibility, a hot desk provides amenities that your home or local coffee shop might not have, including high-speed WiFi, 24/7 building access, conference rooms, phone booths… plus that fancy fruit water and micro-brewed coffee to help you focus.

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Access to the WeWork community and network

With access to the WeWork’s global community, you’ll surround yourself with other passionate professionals who can offer advice, support, and ideas as you make your way through your online coursework. Network, connect, and collaborate through in-person events and the WeWork Member Network. A new hot desk seat each day is an exciting opportunity to change things and meet new people, while always having the peace of mind of a place to plug in and learn.

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Connect in person with classmates

Need a little support? Connect in person with other students in your city for study dates, problem-solving, or attending meetups and campus events together. If you’re near one of Flatiron School’s campuses, you can Hot Desk among current in-person students in AtlantaAustinBrooklynChicagoDenverHoustonLondonNew YorkSeattle, and Washington D.C. Elsewhere, you can connect with other Flatiron School online learners through Slack, and then meet and learn together in-person at WeWork.

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Where Flatiron School students are learning around the world

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Map of USA and Mexico showing cities with Flatiron students in WeWorks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Flatiron School partnered with WeWork?

In short: WeWork shares our vision of what a better world looks like – a world where education does in fact enable the pursuit of a better life. Where education provides people with a life that they love, not just an employable skill. A world where reinvesting in your education and being a student for life is accessible to everyone. And like Flatiron School, WeWork believes that our missions to change the way people learn, work, and live aren’t possible without a key ingredient: community.

By joining WeWork, we’re excited to accelerate our growth and change the lives of more students by expanding both our In-Person and Online programs as well as developing new opportunities and formats for people to learn new skills and love what they do.

What's the vision for the future of WeWork and Flatiron School?

Flatiron School will continue operating, enhancing, and expanding our flagship in-person and online web development programs. As we grow with WeWork, we’ll be announcing new campuses across new cities in the coming months. Longer term, we’ll work with WeWork not only on new venues for our programs but also new educational models and courses, as well as new opportunities for the WeWork member community.

Will you continue to offer courses online and in-person?

Yes, Flatiron School will continue expanding both our online and in-person course offerings. In the future, we’re excited to explore opening campuses in additional cities and to continue experimenting with blended learning models – combining the most effective elements of our in-person and online approaches.

Will you continue to offer scholarships for underrepresented groups as you grow?

Expanding access to our education has always been and will continue to be an incredibly important part of our mission. We remain committed to providing scholarships for women and underrepresented groups in tech as we grow – and look forward expanding these efforts with WeWork’s support.

How will you maintain your educational quality and bar for student success as you grow?

We built and grew Flatiron School on a foundation of student outcomes first. As we join WeWork and continue to grow, putting our students and their outcomes first will remain our focus above all else. We’re excited about the new opportunities to educate more students in more ways, but we will not be compromising our approach towards admissions, curriculum, instruction, and career services as we expand.