With 800M potential jobs at risk over the next 10 years due to automation and technology, Flatiron School is helping companies invest in teams of today to unlock their superpowers of tomorrow. Prepare your company for the future of work through a global learning experience, driven by community, collaboration, and connection.

Who we are

Flatiron School is a pioneer in the technical bootcamp space, and now provides skills-based education in 4 disciplines: full-stack software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design. Our mission is simple. Enable a better life through education as we build a global campus for lifelong learners who make a positive impact. Many employers have hired our graduates over the last 7 years and as such, have been asking us to expand our training toolbox to support the change management needs of the organization and its' people.

In 2017, WeWork saw our vision and progress which lead to the acquisition of Flatiron School to help bridge the gap between workspaces and workforces. This enabled us earlier in 2019 to launch our full-service, white-glove, workforce solutions to support corporate technical talent needs. Enterprises have been participating in our proven upskilling, retraining, and hiring programs across the world leveraging our programs and WeWork's global footprint. This has created immediate cultural & financial ROI for the people and organizations involved.


Build a consistent, diverse pipeline of skilled, technical talent via Flatiron School graduates while integrating a seamless onboarding experience.


Empower your employees with short-form tech upskilling courses & long-form full-time retraining programs that will foster technical fluency amongst all your employees.


Provide coaching & job support for employees exiting the company through world class outplacement services and company funded scholarships for those in pursuit of future opportunities.

What we believe in


Join a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders in the WeWork Global Community. Gain global access to 600+ WeWork locations for your employees to learn and connect with 500,000+ global WeWork members.


Engage, inspire and build your employee’s talents with skills-based training from our full-time expert instructors. Our proprietary LMS, Learn.co, lets your employees work together during labs, paired programming, study groups, and more—supporting team collaboration and professional growth. 


Your human resources department will receive a consistent and cohesive talent management strategy. Invest wisely in recruiting, training, and filling vacancies to maximize efficiency and support growth. 

What We Teach

Given the ever-changing technology landscape, the skills needed to succeed in the corporate workforce are rarely static. That’s why Flatiron School’s enterprise curriculum is dynamic and tailored to match the needs of employees and employers around the globe. With Flatiron School's globally distributed physical campuses and the flexibility of our online programs, we can teach any employee, anywhere. If your company is looking to increase the impact of existing employees or prepare employees for a brand new role, we can help.

Software Engineering

Increase your team's velocity with programming skills. We can help your team grow it's engineering team, or just interact better with the digital era.

Data Science

Explore and interact with data better, from entry-level analytics all the way to advanced machine learning.

UX/UI Design

Infuse design and design thinking into all corners of your organization. Grow your dedicated design team or ensure employees across all functions know how to approach problems creatively.


Effective security requires alignment across the entire workforce. From threat detection and response to day-to-day compliance, we help teams stay secure