How EdAid's Deferred Payment Plan Works

How does EdAid's Deferred Payment Plan in the UK work?

EdAid's Deferred Payment Plans (DPPs) can help to make career-changing education more accessible for students in the UK. With a DPP, you can defer tuition payment via an income-based plan (after paying a deposit for on-campus programs). After Flatiron School, payments begin once you are earning at least the minimum income threshold described below — regardless of job type or industry. You don’t pay until you are getting paid.

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Flexible Eligibility

New students enroling in Flatiron School Part-Time and Full-Time Online Programs who are UK citizens living in the UK.

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Pay Tuition After You’re Earning

After Flatiron School, payments are 10% of monthly gross income until your DPP is fully paid.

Payments only begin once you start earning £1,666.67 per month or more (the equivalent gross income of £20,000 per year) — regardless of job type or industry.

DPPs are linked to inflation, so you will only pay the amount you defer plus any inflation charges calculated using the Office of National Statistics Price Index.

How It Works: 4 Steps

Step 1
Step 1 → Apply to a course

Apply to a an On-Campus or Full-Time or Part-Time online course at Flatiron School. Tell us about yourself and why you want to start a career in tech. The Flatiron School Admissions team will follow up directly and guide you through our admissions process.

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Step 2 → Learn and graduate

Once accepted at Flatiron School, you’ll learn 21st-century tech skills necessary to launch a successful career.

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Step 3 → Help get that job

Work 1:1 with a dedicated Flatiron School Career Coach to find a job that’s right for you. You’ll be matched with a dedicated Career Coach  to support you with employer outreach, CV review, interview prep, and even salary negotiation. After graduation, benefit from a 3-month grace period before payments begin at 10% of your monthly gross income. The repayments period begins immediately if you leave the program before graduation.

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Step 4 → Start paying back tuition

Once you’re making at least the minimum income threshold of £1,666.67 (annualised to £20,000 per year), make monthly payments equal to 10% of your gross monthly income, until repayment of the deferred tuition is complete, plus any inflation charges, or 120 months have passed since the end of your grace period, or program departure date, whichever comes first.

Terms & FAQs

How does payment work?

Students in our On-Campus courses or Full-Time or Part-Time Online courses can defer their entire tuition fee (minus the deposit for on-campus students) until after they’ve graduated or left the program.*

Once you graduate from Flatiron School, you will have a three-month grace period before payments begin. After the grace period has passed, and you are earning a minimum of £1,666.67 per month (annualised to £20,000 per year) in total pre-tax income, you will begin monthly payments at 10% of total pre-tax monthly income. You will continue to make payments until repayment of the deferred tuition is made, plus any interest accrued, or 120 months have passed since the end of your grace period, whichever comes first.

You will set up monthly payments via the EdAid platform. On the 1st of each month, payments will be initiated from your designated bank account by Direct Debit.

*Subject to approval. Credit provided by the EdAid Foundation authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 813354) and administered by the EdAid Ltd. platform (FRN 673376).

How much will I pay?

The amount you will pay each month will be determined by your income, with payments set at 10% of total pre-tax monthly income, if and only when earning £1,666.67 per month or more.  The total amount you will pay will vary based upon your earnings and the time it will take for you to pay your tuition plus any applicable inflation charges. Further information on the cost of credit can be found via EdAid.

When do payments begin?

After you graduate Flatiron School, you have a three month grace period before entering repayment. Then, payments begin once you start earning £1,666.67 per month or more, annualised to £20,000 per year in total pre-tax income. If you leave the program without graduating, repayment will begin immediately with no grace period.

Have more questions regarding EdAid's Deferred Payment Plan? Contact EdAid at team@edaid.com or Flatiron School at admissions@flatironschool.com or refer to the EdAid website.