#changethings challenge — let’s connect and grow, together

During difficult times, maintaining a sense of community is key. We’re all facing a new reality together. We’re all adjusting to lifestyle changes together. It’s unprecedented territory, but it’s a shared experience.

When we can’t be together physically, why not use technology to build a community committed to learning and growth? Our #changethings challenge is an invitation to network, discover, and develop using social channels and our 6-week roadmap. Not only can you acclimate to these new circumstances — you can find creative ways to connect, establish new support systems, and discover strength and potential you didn’t know you had.

Challenges connect us. Challenges make us stronger.

Flatiron School has been building communities of online learners since 2015. As champions of remote learning, we’re excited to introduce the #changethings challenge. This free, community-based challenge will provide a roadmap to inspire (virtual) communication and collaboration together with thought leaders from Flatiron School and beyond. In addition to virtual workshops, AMA sessions, and community chats, we’ll offer content, recommendations, and our free bootcamp prep courses (in coding, data science, UX/UI design, and cybersecurity) as materials to guide your growth. 

#changethings challenge details:

  • Join our #changethings Facebook group and use #changethings on social channels when referencing the challenge

  • There’s no cost or obligation — you can join at any time over the six weeks and contribute as much as you feel comfortable 

  • You’re encouraged to use any of the free resources we provide, including our bootcamp prep courses, as tools to guide your connections and growth

You don’t have to feel isolated while self-isolating. And you can turn social distancing into a social experience. We know that when people learn new skills together, it builds strong connections and enhances the experience. We see it in our students every day. That’s what the #changethings challenge is all about.

Commit to C-H-A-N-G-E

In the coming weeks, you can choose to manage change, or embrace it. When you explore your potential, you may just discover a passion, skill, or path that pushes your life in new and positive directions. 

Amazing things can happen when you #changethings.

Each week’s activities and resources are guided by a letter — C-H-A-N-G-E. Here’s the basic framework.

The #changethings challenge is your safe space to connect, develop, and gain a sense of accomplishment during a time of uncertainty. Not only did you accommodate change, you grew because of it. Adaptability is a true skill. The world changes minute by minute — and you’ll prove you can #changethings, too.

Challenge Week Theme Overview
1 Create a daily habit When you’re adjusting to a new lifestyle, consistency is crucial. Do something daily. Establish a schedule. Whether you’re coding for ten minutes, sticking to a new workout routine, or learning something new (or helping your kids learn something new), good habits and rituals will keep you positive and productive.
2 Highlight wins Promoting positivity is more important than ever right now. Whether it’s your win (a breakthrough in bootcamp prep), a friend’s win (finding disinfectant wipes at the store), or your kid’s win (helping you understand Common Core), the wins will happen — and they should be celebrated!
3 Ask questions During ambiguous times, it’s especially important to have the courage to ask questions. Attending AMA sessions, watching webinars, and reaching out to a peer can provide answers and foster a sense of community.
4 New Kind of Network This community — your community — is your new network to expand, explore, and engage. Invite a friend, give a shoutout, offer support, share tips — when it comes to creating connections that last beyond the challenge and even the pandemic, you’re in control.
5 Give back The strongest communities are built on empathy and altruism — people understanding and supporting other people. Help someone with a question they have. Share a skill you’ve mastered. For inspiration, watch a virtual lecture about how our education coaches serve online students, or see how our alumni are using tech skills for organizations and efforts committed to positive change.
6 Empower Education is empowering and at Flatiron School we would not be great educators without our teachers. Our dedicated teaching staff go above and beyond to help our students of all backgrounds succeed. So this week, and all year round, we want to empower our teachers, show our appreciation, and highlight what makes these educators such an integral part of the life changing Flatiron School community.

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