• How do I know which course pace is right for me? How big are the class sizes?

    Full-Time Cohorts average about 20 students and Part-Time cohorts about 40. Which pacing option is right for you depends on two main considerations — how much time you can devote each week and what kind of learning environment you want. The Full-Time and Part-Time course paces provide assigned cohorts and require a minimum number of hours per week to drive program completion. Some people want that structure and accountability and are ready to commit that time. Other people with unpredictable schedules require a bit more flexibility and less structure, so they prefer the Self-Paced program. The Self-Paced option is also a good choice for students with a bit of background in code to guide themselves through the coursework.Note, all three of our course pace options offer the same industry-vetted software engineering curriculum.

  • How long is each program?

    In the Full-Time Program, each of the five modules takes four weeks.  With one week of a scheduled break, you can expect the entire program to take five months. Students choose when to commit the 40-50 hours per week of coursework.

    In Part-Time, the modules take eight weeks and there are two scheduled one week breaks making the program last ten months. Students choose when to commit the 20-25 hours per week of coursework.

    In Self-Paced you’ll progress through each module at your own speed, but the entire program must be complete within fifteen months.

    ProgramHours per weekTotal Study WeeksBreaksTotal Months
    Full-Time40 – 50201 week5
    Part-Time20 – 25402 weeks10
    Self-Paced15+N/AN/AUp to 15
  • Is there pre-work?

    There is 100 hours of pre-work for the Full-time and Part-Time Structured courses. This is to ensure that students are all starting from the same point and prepared to move at the pace of the class when they start.

  • Why is the Full-Time program more expensive than the Part-Time program?

    The Full-Time program is our most intensive program. You are in a cohort of only twenty other students and are assigned a dedicated instructor who is working online with you and your classmates every day. There is no other online program that we offer that has such intensive instructional resources, peer to peer support, and such accelerated progress. It’s our fastest-paced online program — allowing students to graduate in five months — with our lowest 20:1 student:instructor ratio of any online program — and actually, for any online program we’ve seen. The Full-Time program’s combination of intensive instruction and support is more comparable to our in-person Software Engineering Immersive offered in NYCWashington D.C., London, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, and Chicago

  • What if I can’t keep up with the pace of my class?

    The Admissions Process is designed to help you get a good sense of the programs and for us to get a sense of you so that hopefully you end up in a program that fits your study habits and schedule.  If however we find after working closely together, that the pace of the program is too fast, you can always drop down to a slower program either Part-Time or Self-Paced.

  • What’s the admissions process?

    Start by submitting a written application for your desired program: Full-Time, Part-Time, or Self-Paced.  From there, we’ll invite you an interview with the admission team. After that if you are considering the Full-Time or Part-Time program, we’ll ask you to prepare some practice problems for a technical interview.   From there we’ll get you an admissions decision.

  • Why did the program name change? Is the curriculum better than the current one?

    Though the program name has changed, the curriculum is unchanged.   In launching new programs, we had the opportunity to better align the name of the program with the learning objectives of the course and the outcome our students can achieve – jobs building and maintaining software.  

  • Why is there no technical interview for the self-paced program?

    Because you’ll be going at your own pace, we don’t have the technical readiness requirements that are needed for the paced programs.  We’ve been running the self-paced programs for over two and half years and are prepared to work with students at whatever level they come in.

  • Why have you changed from the original Online Web Developer Program?

    We’ve been offering our Online Web Developer program for about two and a half years and during that time we’ve learned a lot about how students learn and what they want from an online programs.  The current version of the program has served our students really well – we’ve had hundreds of graduates and great job outcomes. We know, though, from feedback from students that not everyone learns the same way. Some students want structure. Some students want regular interactions with the same teacher, and with their classmates. Given that, we’ve decided to create programs that will teach the same material in three different ways to address a broader group of students and their learning needs.  We now have something for everyone.

  • Can I apply for financing?

    Once you have been accepted into the program, you may apply for financing through one of our lending partners. We work with Skills Fund and Climb, who have helped many Flatiron students secure loans. We recommend waiting until after you have been accepted into the program before applying for a loan.

  • Can I chat with someone on the Admissions team?

    Absolutely! You can schedule an appointment with someone from the Admissions team here: http://www.meetme.so/flatironadmissions.

  • Do you help me with my portfolio?

    Students will graduate having completed 6 robust portfolio projects — all of it on GitHub.

  • Have a question you don't see here?

    Simply email info@flatironschool.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • How do I know I’m learning? What happens if I fall behind?

    Our modular structure means you’ll always know that you’re gaining the competencies to become a software engineer — and it gives us the opportunity to see who might need more mentorship to get there. Because our curriculum builds cumulatively, each module concludes with a 1:1 instructor review to check in on your progress and make sure you’ve gained a strong understanding before we add more concepts on top of it in the next module. If you don’t pass the review, you’ll receive additional direct mentorship to solidify your understanding and take it again. If you don’t pass this time, you’ll have the opportunity to repeat the full three-week module at no extra cost. You can repeat a module once; if you don’t pass the second time through, you will be asked to leave the program for a partial refund. Partial refunds are determined based on the number of weeks in the program.  For more information contact admissions@flatironschool.com.

  • Is it possible to shift to a software job after the age of 40?

    See Dean Avi Flombaum’s in-depth answer on Quora.