• Why do you teach Ruby? Do companies in Denver hire Ruby developers?

    Here is what Flatiron’s Co-Founder and Dean has to say about why we teach Ruby:

    “Bootcamps are not effective by simply teaching toward the largest employment market. What has made Flatiron School graduates succeed is a curriculum that teaches programming beyond a specific language by focusing on abstract and universal concepts and, most importantly, the meta-skill of learning how to learn. Sure, a Flatiron School graduate knows Ruby and Javascript proficiently, but what makes them so competitive is that they can learn anything pretty fast. Our graduates go on to work in every language I can name, including an engineer writing Java for Boeing 757s.”

  • Do Denver companies hire coding bootcamp grads?

    In short: yes. Companies, especially those in tech, are well aware of bootcamps and know that great developers come from different backgrounds. Our approach to teaching allowed us to build up a great reputation among employers, and we frequently get feedback about how our students are fast-learners and adaptable.

    First and foremost, this is because we believe we find great people and help them learn to code. Secondly, however, we choose to teach both Ruby and Javascript to make sure our students develop a deep understanding of underlying concepts, which will make it easier down the line to learn other stacks.

    Our career services team will work with you after you graduate to help you in the job hunt, and how to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

    We also have an employer partnerships team that is actively working with Denver companies to make them aware of our program and grads.

  • How should I choose a bootcamp?

    Coding bootcamps have become very popular in recent years, and there is no shortage of them in Denver. You should shop around and compare different options to make sure you find one that suits your goals. With that said, we believe there are some questions you should ask every bootcamp you speak to, in order to properly evaluate whether it’s a quality choice:

    1. Do they publish third-party verified outcomes reports? Outcomes speak volumes when it comes to the quality of a bootcamp. Think of how much easier it would have been to choose a college if each one told you how many grads managed to get a job upon graduation for your desired field. Outcomes reports give you insight into not only the quality of a bootcamp’s education but also their career services. Making sure the outcomes are verified by a third-party ensures that you’re not being deceived.
    2. Do they have a money-back guarantee? We don’t believe you should have to pay for education unless it helps you find a job. Schools with a money-back guarantee put their money where their mouth is and reduce the financial risk to students.
    3. Do they offer career services? Some programs are designed to take a student’s money and push them quickly through a program. A quality bootcamp will be a partner with the student all the way through their journey to a new career.
  • I live in Denver but prefer to study online. Is Flatiron School still a good fit?

    Yes. We offer full-time, part-time and self-paced online Software Engineering courses. These come with the same career services support, and over 1,000 hours of curriculum. You’ll also have access to educational coaching and live lectures through our Learn.co platform.

    Full-time and part-time students also receive free WeWork hot desk Membership. That means you can choose to study at any Denver WeWork (or any WeWork in the country for that matter). Use this to organize study-groups, or as a way to get away from your home to study in a different environment. Plus, you’ll get the same WeWork Perks members get, including free coffee and beer, and the opportunity to network with Denver startups and entrepreneurs.

    Here is a list of current WeWork locations in Denver:

    • Wells Fargo Center – 1700 Lincoln St. 17th Floor Denver CO 80203
    • Tabor Center – 1200 17th St. Denver CO 80202
    • The Lab – 2420 17th St. Denver CO 80202
    • Triangle Building – 1550 Wewatta St. Denver CO 80202