• What makes Flatiron School Austin the right choice for a coding bootcamp?

    To date, Flatiron School has helped over 1,000 students land jobs at top companies around the world and celebrates consistently strong job outcomes for its on-campus and online courses. Flatiron School alumni are already working at some of the area’s top companies, along with many currently-enrolled online students who will provide our Austin students with a base of support and guidance as they start their journey into tech careers.

  • Where is Flatiron School’s Austin campus located?

    We’re currently building our brand new campus at WeWork’s SXSW Center, which we anticipate opening in Fall 2019. Until then, we’ll be hosting community events at our temporary campus at WeWork Westview.

  • Why should I attend a coding bootcamp in Austin over a traditional computer science education?

    With software development roles already leading the labor demand in major cities like Austin, and select university’s computer science degree programs at capacity, Texas finds itself in a rare position to retain its economic strength while maintaining a workforce ready talent pipeline for employers.

    High-quality, outcomes-focused “bootcamps” are a strong solution to the problem in question and bridge the growing gap between higher education and workforce readiness. For these reasons, the Flatiron School and We Company have heavily invested in Texas, establishing coding, data science and UX/UI design programs in Houston and Austin.