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  • With Flatiron School, become a professional developer in 15 weeks at our Austin coding bootcamp — and don’t pay tuition until you get hired. We just need a refundable deposit (see details here.)


Program Dates


Oct 28, 2019 - Feb 14, 2020

Closing Soon -

Dec 9, 2019 - Mar 27, 2020

Open -

Jan 27, 2020 - May 8, 2020

Open -

Begin your career as a software engineer in Austin

At the heart of the Texas tech scene, Austin offers the perfect place to launch your future as a developer. Home to both tech giants – like Apple and Texas Instruments – and a community of growing startups, Austin needs highly trained software engineers. At Flatiron School, quality learning comes at the intersection of diligence and curriculum. With that vision in mind, Flatiron School has brought together passionate, experienced instructors and ambitious students to achieve incredible outcomes since 2012. And now we’re bringing that vision to you with our Austin coding school.

Instructor lecturing a cohort
Career Services & Employer Proof

When you enroll in our Austin coding bootcamp, you start working 1:1 with a Career Coach before you graduate. In doing so, we set you up for success in landing that first job as a developer. When coupled with our industry-leading curriculum, we also set you and your employer up for long-term success.

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School of the Future

We’re working to expand access to computer science education to more students. In addition to our campuses across the globe, we’re proud to partner with traditional institutions like Yale to increase the reach of our programs to students from different backgrounds and areas of study.

Dog under Hello in WeWork
Flatiron School x WeWork

Since October 2017, we’ve partnered with WeWork to increase access to our software engineering courses. In our Austin coding school, Flatiron School and WeWork bring together our on-campus and online students in spaces shared with local business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators that come to work every day to do what they love and change the world.

What you'll learn: full-stack web development

Over 15 intense weeks on campus at Flatiron School, you’ll think and build like a software engineer. In each three-week module, you’ll develop key skills that build upon one another through interactive labs, lectures, and close collaboration — shipping code and showcasing your expertise through comprehensive Portfolio Projects.


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Icon: Supervised Learning: Non-Parametric Algorithms
Object-Oriented Programming

Get comfortable with object-oriented programming and Object Relational Mappers.

Object-Oriented Programming Icon

Dive into the fundamentals of programming, starting with SQL.

Navigate tech's top opportunities with the help of our Career Coaching team

After more than five years working with passionate students and helping them land fulfilling careers in tech, we’ve got a keen understanding of what goes into getting that first developer job.

Individual Career Coaching
Individual career coaching

During your job search, you’ll meet weekly with your dedicated Career Coach. Coaches help with everything from résumé review to interview prep, and help you tell your story to land your first job.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-back guarantee

Change careers with confidence thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. If you graduate, follow our job-search process, and don’t secure a job within 6 months, we’ll refund your tuition in full (see details).

Vast Employer Network
Vast employer network

We’ve built relationships with hiring managers at top companies across the world, creating a robust employer pipeline for Flatiron School grads. Our Employer Partnerships team is constantly advocating for our grads and helping you get in the door.

 A Proven Job Search Framework
Proven job-search framework

Through 1:1 guidance from our Career Coaching team and our tried-and-true job-search framework, you’ll gain the skills and support you need to launch your career.

Your day at Flatiron School

Every day is unique at Flatiron School, and our curriculum team and instructors develop new lessons that build off past cohorts. But structured, consistent learning is also crucial to student success. Below is a sample of what you can expect on a daily basis in a Flatiron School classroom.



Student-led discussion

Your day begins with an open discussion when you can ask questions, review new skills, and program materials from the day before to ensure you’re up to speed.




Learn key concepts from your expert instructor through interactive exercises and collaborative discussion.



Pair-programming exercises

Work together with a partner to build your strategic and tactical coding skills and learn from one another.



Labs & mini projects

Self-led labs let you explore your own coding projects based on the material from lecture. Learn from professors, then immediately put what you learned into action. Making things is the best way to learn things.




You’ll end the day reviewing concepts and strategizing the next steps in your personal projects.

Flatiron School Grads in Austin

In Austin, our students have already impacted their communities in powerful ways and made contributions at a number of local companies.

InMotion Software Logo
Logo: IBM
XO Group Logo
Cheddar TV
Denver Graduate: Sergio
Sergio M.
Software Engineer @ Vertafore

“Flatiron School not only opened the doorway to a life and career in tech, it lead me to Denver, where I’m working at Vertafore as a software engineer today.”

Successful Graduate: Ask Remmy
Remmy C.
UI Engineer @ Sawatch Labs

“Being able to know what the code is and explaining why it works are two very different things. I was able to talk about my code a lot at Flatiron, and that helped when I had technical interviews.”

Read Remmy's story

Denver Graduate: Lucas M.
Lucas M.
Software Engineer @ Ibotta

“Flatiron School put the most effort into proving their methods worked and that was such a vote of confidence for me.”

Experienced engineers. Passionate educators.

Since day one over five years ago, we’ve taken teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect to topics on a profound level. Experience as a developer alone doesn’t necessarily make one an effective teacher — that’s why we’re passionate about finding not only great engineers, but deeply committed, experienced teachers.

Graham Troyer-Joy
Lead Instructor

Graham has 10 years' experience in the software industry, working from the back end to the front, from startups to a big history museum. A self-taught developer, he began teaching at Dev Bootcamp and still loves introducing beginners to the wonders of code.

Rishi Tirumala
Rishi Tirumala
Lead Instructor

At Flatiron School, Rishi has been a teacher, trainer, and community advocate. He brings his software background to his work in academics here, and is thrilled to participate in the tech boom that's taking over Sydney.

Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell
Lead Instructor

A bootcamp grad, Tim fell in love with programming – and volunteering to teach people code. He has worked freelance and in startups developing on the front and back end.

Find the right tuition plan for you


Finance for as low as



Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through Skills Fund and Climb, two industry-leading accelerated learning financing companies.

Pay Upfront

Full Tuition




Deferred Tuition

Defer your tuition with the Flatiron School Income Share Agreement (ISA). After a refundable payment when you enroll, the remainder of your tuition is paid once you’ve left the program and are getting paid at least a minimum income.

Join us on campus

Program Dates
Cohort Start DateStatus
Oct 28, 2019Feb 14, 2020Closing Soon
Dec 9, 2019Mar 27, 2020Open
Jan 27, 2020May 8, 2020Open
Mar 9, 2020Jun 19, 2020Open
Apr 20, 2020Jul 31, 2020Open

What the application process looks like

Aptitude for software engineering stems from an innate curiosity about the world and how people interact with it. We don’t admit students, we craft a class: a lawyer, journalist, and pro athlete will approach solutions differently, creating a richer learning environment for everyone involved. All you need is passion and an open mind.

Pen on notebook
Step 1 → Apply

Submit your application. Share a bit about yourself and what’s driving you to start a career in code.

Notebook heads
Step 2 → Admissions interview

Speak with an Admissions Advisor in a non-technical interview. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. Nothing technical — just a friendly conversation.

IDE tag
Step 3 → Technical review

The technical review assesses your basic grip of coding and how it interacts with us in our daily lives. Demonstrate interest by completing steps on Learn.co, our learning platform.

What is a Technical Review?

Checkmark in circle
Step 4 → Admissions decision

Receive your acceptance decision from Admissions. This usually happens within 4 business days.

Step 5 → Prework

If accepted, you'll begin course pre-work to prepare for the first day of class.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Flatiron School the right choice for a coding bootcamp?

To date, Flatiron School has helped over 1,000 students land jobs at top companies around the world and celebrates consistently strong job outcomes for its on-campus and online courses. Flatiron School alumni are already working at some of the area’s top companies, along with many currently-enrolled online students who will provide our Austin students with a base of support and guidance as they start their journey into tech careers.

Where is Flatiron School Austin's campus located?

We’re currently building our brand new campus at WeWork’s SXSW Center, which we anticipate opening in Fall 2019. Until then, we’ll be hosting community events at our temporary campus at WeWork Westview.

Why should I attend a coding bootcamp in Austin over a traditional computer science education

With software development roles already leading the labor demand in major cities like Austin, and select university’s computer science degree programs at capacity, Texas finds itself in a rare position to retain its economic strength while maintaining a workforce ready talent pipeline for employers.

High-quality, outcomes-focused “bootcamps” are a strong solution to the problem in question and bridge the growing gap between higher education and workforce readiness. For these reasons, the Flatiron School and We Company have heavily invested in Texas, establishing coding, data science and UX/UI design programs in Houston and Austin.

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