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Using the world’s most sophisticated online platform for learning code, Flatiron School students join a worldwide community of passionate students and leverage real developer tools to truly learn by doing.

Our grads launch new careers


Employment Rate

For job-seeking online graduates included in the 2019 Jobs Report including full-time salaried roles, full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, and freelance roles, and part-time roles during the reporting period (see full Jobs Report here).


Starting Salary

For job-seeking online students who accepted full-time salaried jobs during the reporting period and disclosed their compensation. The average starting salary for students who took full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, or freelance roles and disclosed compensation was $34/hr. Average pay for a part-time role was $21/hr (see full Jobs Report report here).

Meet the team

Agnes Godziszewski
Online Design Instructor

Agnes received her BFA in Communication Design from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Over the years she has worked in industries such as healthcare, publishing and immigration technology gaining knowledge in brand design, UX/UI, e-commerce as well as marketing. On the side, Agnes is continuously expanding her front-end development skills. She is passionate about travel, fashion design and staying abreast of the current design trends.

Rafael Carrasco
Online Data Science Instructor

Rafael studied Math during undergrad and later received his Masters in Education from Notre Dame. He worked as a teacher for low income nonprofit schools and later wrote high school math curriculum. Rafael switched to data science with a position at Bank Of America, but missed education, so returned to teaching with Flatiron School. Using his background in both data science and education, Rafael teaches our students how to fall in love with learning.

Enoch Griffith
Online Software Engineering Instructor

Enoch is a Flatiron School online graduate, having completed the course when Flatiron’s online programs were fairly new. Before coming to Flatiron School, he worked factory for 7 years and decided to pursue something he always loved: technology. Now, he gets to pass his knowledge and experience to future developers as a Cohort Lead.

Our Career Change Courses

Learn software engineering, data science, or UX/UI design and launch a new fulfilling career path. Flatiron School’s Career Courses utilize our immersive curricula to teach you the in-demand skills needed to launch a new career.

  • Varied Length

Online Software Engineering

Our Career Change coding bootcamp that gives students the skills and experience to become well-rounded software engineers in as little as five months. Consider your goals, pick your pace, and relaunch your career path.

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  • Varied Length

Online Data Science

Our Career Change data science program provides the breadth and depth needed to become a well-rounded data scientist and break into one of the tech industry’s most coveted sectors. This course can be taken as a full-time or part-time course, as well as self-paced.

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    Online UX/UI Design

    Learn the visual, technical, and client service skills essential to launch a successful career as a UX or UI designer.

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    Our Free Courses

    Kickstart your coding journey with our free courses — the best way to learn programming fundamentals, prepare to attend a coding or data science bootcamp, and see what it’s like to be a Flatiron School student.

    • 75 Hours

    Bootcamp Prep

    The most effective way to get the programming skills you need to get into the most selective coding bootcamps – Flatiron School, included.

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    • 75 Hours

    Data Science Bootcamp Prep

    This free course will teach you all the basics of data science, including SQL, Python, machine learning, and regression analysis. After finishing our course, you’ll have a working knowledge of all the basic skills of a data scientist, and will be prepared to enter Flatiron School’s career-changing, full-time Data Science Bootcamp.

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    • 50+ Hours

    Intro to JavaScript

    Harness the power of the modern web with the most popular language on the Internet. You’ll build a dynamic Konami code game while mastering the latest JavaScript syntax and techniques.

    Learn More
    • 30+ Hours

    Intro to Ruby

    Start coding with the language designed to make programmers happy. You’ll create an object-oriented Tic-Tac-Toe game while learning principles you’ll rely on throughout your coding journey.

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    Our Online Campus

    Flatiron School’s custom-built online platform, Learn.co, brings the bootcamp online with proprietary features that make learning to code remotely and at your own pace as dynamic and effective as learning in the classroom.

    Get Help in an Instant

    When you’re stuck, you’ll get help – right away. Our Ask a Question button lets you crowdsource real-time support from fellow students and – in our Online Web Developer Program and Bootcamp Prep course – experienced technical coaches.

    Join us on campus

    Roadmap to a New Life

    Join Flatiron School's co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Avi Flombaum, as he shares his advice on how to change things, step by step. He'll share his journey to starting his own business, as well as tips and tricks to making small changes that amount to one, BIG change. From meditation to weekly savings, he'll cover a variety of aspects of how to build a new life.

    10 Things You Need to Know About Our Online Programs

    The decision to study online – plus how to become a software engineer, data scientist, or UX/UI designer – is a big one and we bet you have questions. Join us live to get all your questions answered by our online enrollment specialist, Patrick!

    We'll address things like how the money-back guarantee works, information about our online Income Share Agreement, our different course pacing options, and how we approach preparing you for a successful career in tech.

    How to be a No-Brainer Hire

    Getting a job in tech can be rewarding and even life-changing — but the process definitely requires hard work. To understand what it takes, join our Head of Career Services for a discussion on how to land that job, plus how Flatiron School can help you get there.

    We’ll also review our most recent jobs report and walk through why Flatiron School graduates excel at job seeking. At the end, we’ll cover all of YOUR questions to ensure you feel equipped to take the next step towards a new career.

    Financing & Payment Options 101

    Flatiron School creates opportunities for passionate, dedicated people to change their careers and lives through education. To learn more about the financing options available to you as an online student and which one supports your journey, join our Director of Online Admissions, Michael Boothroyd for an hour to review our flexible financing options. You can message him directly through the webinar’s chat feature, with any questions you may have, and he’ll answer them during the dedicated, live QA portion of the webinar. Michael will review the loan packages offered by our trusted partners, Skills Fund and Climb, explain Flatiron School's Online Income Share Agreement (our learn now, pay after you’re hired option), and much more.

    The Science Behind Netflix Recommendations

    Over 80% of the TV shows and movies we watch on Netflix are being discovered through its recommendation system. Join Flatiron School to explore the algorithm, data science, and machine learning behind how Netflix curates these recommendations, and learn how you can gain the skills to write your very own algorithms. Our Data Science coach, Yish Lim, will walk us through how recommendation algorithms work, and how Netflix collects and analyzes data to deliver your next favorite show.

    10 Things You Need to Know About Our Online Programs

    The decision to study online – plus how to become a software engineer, data scientist, or UX/UI designer – is a big one and we bet you have questions. Join us live to get all your questions answered by our online enrollment specialist, Patrick!