Campus Experience

At Flatiron School, community is at the heart of what we do. We are excited to share that we will start reopening our campuses for in-person experiences on July 19, 2021.

Connect. Learn. Build community.

As long as Flatiron School has existed, we’ve understood the value of community, connection, and local learning. When our students talk about their experiences at Flatiron School, they boast about the life-long friendships and supportive community that helps them succeed in their new career path.

It’s been a challenging year and connection has never been more important, and we are excited to make it possible for you to build community safely on campus. From growing your network in the tech industry to connecting with guest speakers and building lasting relationships, our campuses are designed to drive your success in tech. 

While members of your cohorts may live in different states, maybe the person studying next to you is a few weeks ahead in their program and can help you diagnose your bug — or become your future cofounder.  This is the power of connecting on campus. Who knows who you might meet or what you could build!

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Our timeline for safely opening campuses

Flatiron School plans to begin opening campuses on July 19, 2021. Students can meet with amazing speakers, grow their networking in the tech community, and build lasting relationships. 

While students will not be required to attend or visit our campus spaces (during phase 1 or 2) for successful completion of their program, we are excited to reopen campuses in a tiered approach. 

Phase One: Community Programming — Begins July 19, 2021 

We’re excited to see our community together in person again! Starting this summer, students can come to campus to connect with fellow students and alumni, find quiet studying space, and attend networking, and workshop events. 

Phase Two: Supplemental Instructional Support — Targeted for Fall 2021

Later this year, students in select disciplines will be able to connect with instructional staff on campus for supplemental program help including troubleshooting, office hours, and optional review sessions. 

Phase Three:  In-Person Live Cohorts — TBD

We’ll begin enrollments for in-person cohorts for select courses. Students who enroll in our in-person programs will be on campus with their instructors and fellow students full-time for 15 weeks. Attendance will be mandatory.

Location Phase Launch Date
New York Phase 1 August 2, 2021
Washington, D.C. Phase 1 Coming Soon*
Austin Phase 1 August 16, 2021
Houston Phase 1 TBD
Chicago Phase 1 July 21, 2021
Denver Phase 1 August 16, 2021*
Seattle Phase 1 TBD
San Francisco Phase 1 TBD

*As some locations may require additional regulatory approval before we open our doors, these dates are subject to change.

Campus health & safety

Safety is of the utmost importance following the COVID-19 outbreak. Flatiron School is committed to ensuring that all of our students feel as secure as possible in their place of work. We are following CDC, federal health and safety guidelines, as well as guidance from our state and local governments. State variations may be adopted and shared based on additional state, local and education guidelines.

These guidelines related to COVID-19 vaccinations and other safety measures are subject to change from time to time.

Olivia A. // Software Engineering grad

There was such a strong community aspect with my cohort and we still text each other today and hang out. It was such a special, curated group of people who cared.

Samantha R. // Software Engineering grad

Flatiron School opened me up to a community in tech. My biggest support system both then and now has been, plain and simple, community. Whether that community is women in tech, lesbians in tech, blockchain, and crypto women, I find my biggest support in meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.

Frequently asked questions about returning to campus

How often can I access campus?

To start, our spaces will be open to students during typical business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM.

Will other students from my cohort also be on campus?

Some of your cohort members may choose to use our campus spaces, but others may not, or may even be located elsewhere in the country. Our campus spaces will be a great place to network with students in other cohorts or other programs within Flatiron School.

What instructional support can I receive on campus?

Currently, all of our program instruction is delivered online. However, if your local campus is in Phase Two, you will get the chance to receive some supplemental academic support in person.

Where can I find information about COVID precautions being taken on site?

We’ll keep this page up-to-date with current protocols in place for each campus.

Will I be required to attend campus at some point if I’m already enrolled in one of the programs?

During stages 1 and 2, participation in campus activities is completely optional, regardless of which program you’re enrolled in.

When will my campus transition to Phase 2 and Phase 3?

We don’t have a confirmed timeline for each campus yet. But, we will follow local and CDC guidelines on a location-specific basis.