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Update June, 2020: Flatiron School is no longer offering free WeWork Hot Desks to Online students

All of our immersive online programs include a free one-year WeWork Hot Desk membership. You’ll have access to WeWork locations around the world and plenty of fruit water to fuel your success.

You want to learn online because it gives you the most flexibility. But, you’re worried that you might be easily distracted or feel isolated, and won’t end up finishing your work on time. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be and, through our relationship with WeWork, we make online learning social. 

Every immersive online program — Software EngineeringData ScienceUX/UI Design — includes a free one-year WeWork Hot Desk membership. You’ll have a desk, a great space, and plenty of fruit water to fuel you as you learn online. Most WeWork locations are pet friendly, so you can bring your four-legged companion with you. 

With a WeWork Hot Desk membership, all you have to do is find an empty desk at a conveniently located WeWork location in your area. Every building has its own social events that are great for networking opportunities. You could also meet up with fellow students in your area to form a study group. 

Our online alumni have used their Hot Desk memberships to establish routines that help them succeed. They’d wake up, head to WeWork, spend a few hours working through lessons, take a break, and continue afterward feeling refreshed.

Aspen J., an Online Software Engineering alum from Seattle, said he was easily distracted at home. The Hot Desk helped them mentally shift into “work mode.”

“I finished more labs by being around other people who were working at a WeWork,” Aspen says.

Aspen joined a Meetup group that was working on an open source project at their chosen WeWork. They used their WeWork access to meet people in the tech community and build their first network in the city. “They were so great. If I ever needed to take a quick break, I would go over and have a chat,” Aspen says.

Like Aspen, Katleiah R. credits her Hot Desk membership to her success. Katleiah chose one WeWork location in Chicago as her home base. She established regular working hours there and met two people who are still a part of her network. Katleiah later switched WeWork locations where she met a Flatiron School grad. “I think WeWork was a huge contributor to me being able to complete the program as quickly as I did and to get hired as quickly as I did,” Katleiah says.

Remmy C. went international with her WeWork membership. She was living in Australia but was moving to Denver. She was enrolled in our Online Software Engineering immersive at this time and her Hot Desk membership helped her stay connected. Whether she was in Australia, New York, or Denver, Remmy had a place to work.

Remmy also established some great connections along the way. “I met so many great people through my WeWork membership. That was the best perk of all. Some of our closest friends in Denver are people I met through WeWork and Flatiron School,” says Remmy.

At Flatiron School, your online learning can take place in real life. If you’re interested in learning Software Engineering, UX/UI Design, or Data Science online, we recommend checking out your local WeWork and scheduling a call with our admissions team today!

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