Five Reasons To Consider A Career In Cybersecurity Right Now

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5 reasons to consider a cybersecurity career now

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and if you’ve been considering making a career switch to a cybersecurity role, we’re here to tell you why now is the right time. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a collaborative effort between the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to ensure that every American has access to the resources they need to stay safe and secure whenever they’re online. 

Reason #1: Extremely low unemployment rate

There is a continued demand for cybersecurity professionals in the world today. The options are endless for a qualified cybersecurity professional, with companies across the country and world constantly seeking qualified individuals. ‌

how much do cybersecurity engineers make? $103,000 according to Indeed, up to $120,000 according to ZipRecruiter in August 2021

Reason #2: Earning potential and high initial salaries 

In August 2021, ZipRecruiter averaged the nationwide cybersecurity engineer salary at $120,000, while Indeed claimed $103,000. Learn more about the type of salary you can expect as a cybersecurity engineer.  ‌

Reason #3: Choose your adventure based on your strengths and interests

Cybersecurity professionals are in demand in virtually every industry from banking and finance to healthcare, government, IT & telecommunications, manufacturing, education, energy, retail, media, and more. 

‌As you might suspect, the highest demand for cybersecurity employees is in industries that manage high volumes of consumer data, such as finance, healthcare, and retail trade.

‌The roles and responsibilities you might have in a cybersecurity role for various industries can vary broadly. 

  • ‌ Cybersecurity analysts work to keep systems safe through a process of careful monitoring and analysis. 

  • ‌ Cybersecurity engineers and information architects use the latest advances in technology to foil hackers before gaining access to systems and ensure minimal security breaches. 

  • ‌ A penetration tester’s job is to attack and attempt to break a company’s cybersecurity defenses to identify potential vulnerabilities. 

  • ‌ Compliance specialists’ roles are to perform audits to ensure that companies are compliant with up-to-date cybersecurity protocols and regulations. 

4 popular cybersecurity roles - cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity engineers, penetration tester, compliance specialists

Reason #4: Rewarding work and an impact on the industry 

Cybersecurity roles can be a rewarding and impactful experience. Your day-to-day job responsibilities keep your company safe from hackers and scammers and ensure that business continues to run smoothly. 

Reason #5: Never stop learning 

As technology advances day in and day out, year to year, hackers get more innovative and more adaptive towards finding nefarious routes into your computer, networks, and sensitive private information. Cybersecurity professionals must diligently continue their education throughout their careers to ensure they remain up to date with all new techniques and changes in software and security protocols to remain a couple of steps ahead of potential cyber attackers. 

‌Cybersecurity is a dynamic field with countless moving parts that are ever-evolving. A cybersecurity professional must remain constantly apprised of advances and new developments in their field. ‌

Find out if a career in cybersecurity is right for you

You can find out more about a career in cybersecurity and gain more information about whether it’s the right choice for you by visiting Flatiron School. You can take free introductory lessons, and when you’re ready, apply for Flatiron School’s Cybersecurity Engineering bootcamp and prepare to launch your new career in cybersecurity. 

Even if your ultimate goal isn't a career in cybersecurity but merely learning more about how to protect yourself and your sensitive personal information, Flatiron School’s free lessons might be just the thing you need to gain that knowledge and know-how. 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of keeping a secure home network, protecting yourself digitally when opening emails and communicating, and how to ensure your information remains confidential and not easily accessed by cyber attackers. 

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