“Career Prep Lite” offers a sneak peak into career coaching at Flatiron School

Posted by Vicki Aubin  /  November 16, 2021

At Flatiron School, we invest heavily in our supportive community. From the lecturers and instructors you interact with each day to our career services team who will guide you after graduation, we’re here to see you succeed. 

We know that no two job searches are the same — each of us has different goals, questions, hesitations.  At Flatiron School, each student can get 1:1 career coaching for 180 days with an experienced career coach.  

But what does that really mean? For the first time ever, we’re revealing what goes into our career coaching with a free lesson called Career Prep Lite

Career Prep Lite is the newest addition to our suite of free lessons that we call “try experiences.” These online lessons are meant to give you a sneak peek into what it would be like to learn at Flatiron School, and Career Prep Lite is no different. 

Career Prep Lite consists of five short modules that you can complete in less than two hours. The lesson allows you to see a “lite” version of our career services and what it would be like to work with a Flatiron School career coach.

The modules provide an overview of what it would be like to work with a career coach at Flatiron School, including: 

  • Kickoff meeting with your coach
  • Resume Review
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking
  • HR/Cultural Interviewing
  • Technical Interviewing

If you’re thinking about a career in tech, but not sure how to get there, try Flatiron School’s “Career Prep Lite” to see how Flatiron School’s career coaches work with our graduates. No matter your background, Flatiron School career coaches can help prepare you for the job search.