Last week, Flatiron School launched the #BacktoCode Challenge – a 21-day learning challenge, featuring weekly code challenges, prizes, and lectures, and a motivated community of aspiring programmers pushing each other toward their coding goals. With thousands of challengers embodying the spirit of #BacktoCode, we’ve been blown away by the response so far.

We’ll be publishing weekly Check-Ins to share how the challenge has been going and what’s coming for the next week. Read on for the first Check-In!

#BacktoCode Stats

  • 3,794 challengers so far
  • 12,695+ total lessons completed in our free online courses
  • 486 challengers completed 10+ lessons
  • The most active student completed 161 lessons so far!
  • “#BacktoCode” used over 550 times on Twitter
  • 721 members of the Facebook group

Last Week: Get Committed

Students got started on the right foot, set up their goals, and joined the challenge community.

This Week: Get Unstuck

If you’ve been coding throughout the last week, you’ve probably already experienced a moment of being unsure of how to approach an issue. The secret here is that getting through these moments of struggle is actually what makes you a stronger programmer. That’s why this week, we’ve challenged #BacktoCode students to a) get stuck – that means taking on enough lessons to get to a point where you hit a problem that totally confuses you – and b) get unstuck – don’t give up; overcome that hurdle and reach an “aha moment.”

  • Prizes:
    • One challenger will win a 1:1 chat with Avi about their coding and career goals. We’ll be looking at numbers of lessons completed, sharing progress over Twitter/Facebook, and generally engaging/supporting other students to determine the winner.  
    • Three challengers will win a Flatiron School swag pack for sharing their “aha” moment of getting unstuck over Twitter or Facebook.
  • Events: Join a live lecture with our co-founder Avi on Wednesday, September 13 at 5pm EST to help you solidify your knowledge and learn his best tips for getting unstuck.

Join the #BacktoCode challenge

While we’re in our second week of #BacktoCode, it’s not too late to join the challenge! Get started here and then introduce yourself over on the Facebook group!

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