Job placement rate


Job-seeking students in NYC Outcomes Report who took full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles during reporting period.

Average starting salary


For the 60% of job-seeking students in NYC Outcomes Report who took salaried jobs during reporting period. Another 37% took full-time apprenticeships averaging $28/hr. 3% took part-time roles averaging $29/hr.

Industry Reviews


Rated on Switchup

These results pertain to our NYC-based programs in our most recent report. For more information about them, to understand how they were calculated, or to see the the rest of our results, simply download our Jobs Outcomes Report.

<center>Making education accessible to everyone</center>

Making education accessible to everyone

Access Labs Initiative in Brooklyn is a new effort by WeWork and Flatiron School to expand access to coding via zero upfront tuition. It’s our belief that education — and especially coding education — should be accessible to underserved communities and students who otherwise might not be able to afford tuition. Located in Dumbo, Access Labs offers Flatiron School’s unparalleled Software Engineering Immersive curriculum to those earning under $35,000 annually, and students pay tuition once securing a job. It’s not too good to be true — let’s make education accessible to everyone.

Zero upfront tuition

Open only to students earning less than $35,000 annually, Access Labs Initiative requires no upfront deposit or tuition payment. (See tuition details)

Dedicated career coaching

Career coaches mentor our students through an effective job search via resume review, mock interviews, and strategies for building a job opportunity pipeline and getting a foot in the door at top-choice companies.

Invested instructors

Knowing how to code doesn’t mean you know how to teach. With experience in the field and the classroom, our instructors are unparalleled. Access Labs coding bootcamp students learn from the best.

Don’t just land a job, launch a career

Whether they’re leveraging their backgrounds to make a bigger impact in their current industries or diving into brand new territory, our students thrive at some of the biggest names in tech.